Monday, 16 May 2011

Palazzo Palaver

I'm jumping straight in there with the pictures because I want you to see what I'm up against. These Palazzo pants from Zara have been causing me much trouble for a week or so, I don't know if I should love them or hate them. When they first came out I knew for definite I hated them, then I spied these ones and fell a little in love. At the weekend I seen a girl wearing them and then had the great idea that if she was wearing them then I could probably pull them off too.

So today I went to Zara, marched straight up to them, grabbed 2 sizes (sizing in these go xs/s/m/l/xl not normal sizing which really annoyed me) ran to the chaging rooms and honestly spent about half an hour in there agonising over whether to get these or not. To be fair they are like giant jammie bottoms crossed with clown trousers. Another thing is every time I look at them I'm sure they change colour, which is why I put 2 pics up there...

So, in the end I did buy them, these wide legged clown jim jams.
I'm still not 100% about them. However, they are the first pair of trousers I have bought in about 3 years, I normally live in leggings/skirts/dresses as well as the occasional pair of trousers for work.

So my main question is, what do you think? Am I going to look like an absolute idiot in these - or is that the point?

ps if you want to look like you're going to run away with the circus you can buy them here and we'll go together!


  1. They look wonderful on you! I'm still trying to find a good pair, and ones that aren't about 4ft too long on me :(

  2. These are terrible long as well, by a good foot i reckon! might have to take some wundaweb to them to take them up a notch. damn this 70's retro revival!!

  3. Hey!
    I think they need to be teamed with some wedges to give you some height and to ensure they don't look like pyjamas. Maybe a t-shirt with one of those crocheted waistcoats that are around, a long necklace, bangles and a cute bag.
    They do look a little bit like pyjamas in the pic, but they just need some accessories, and some confidence :)


  4. awww thanks! i love them now to be fair, really comfy - iv got some wedges so might team them up with that :) xx