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Threading disaster

Karma has kicked me right in the arse for straying from Millies to get my brows threaded. I went to a salon that I used to frequent when I was an avid waxer as they had just brought threading in - what a nightmare! The lady who did it was also in the middle of dying some girls hair and left her sat in the chair while she took me downstairs to the beauty rooms. In hindsight this should have started the alarm bells ringing. So in this darkened room I lay on the bed and she announced that she would do the threading first and then tint them...ummm, what?! Surely that is the first rule of eyebrow school that you do the tint first??? Then she took her thread and did what can only be described as violate my eyebrows. I was left with sore, red, inflamed and bleeding skin. This wasn't right. Then I had the joy of her sticking what must have been rubbing alcohol on them and I thought I was going to pass out. Around this time I remembered that she was still intending on tinting what

A Worrying Trend

Do you ever look through up & coming clothing trends and feel that dread that its just not going to suit you? To be honest I get that every time a new collection is released. It takes me a long time to wait for new styles to mellow out enough to suit my plump frame. I don't mind that in all honesty. Everyone needs to learn how to work fashion to suit themselves and this is how I go about it. Image taken from Google. I do not own this. I used to work in nightclubs so could always see the latest looks and see the good & bad ways to wear those looks. Although it did get to the point where everyone looked exactly the same and whilst they all (mostly) looked great I honestly couldn't tell one Topshop Bodycon mini dress wearer from another Topshop Bodycon mini dress wearer.   Not that my curves would ever be caught dead squeezed into a Bodycon, this just an example.  Advice I live & die by: If you don't have a flat stomach, DON'T show it off. But this is no

The day I consider a Superdrug Ban...

I went in on Saturday for cuticle cream. I ended up swatching half the makeup aisle, grabbing a few sleek pout paints, tripling my nail purchases & buying an emergency hair dye! (In case my upcoming hair experiment was a disaster) My Haul It comforts me that I'm not the only person in the world who can't leave a Superdrug empty handed...  or clean handed for that matter. Sleek Pout Paint Swatches, I cant remember the colours! Anyways... this is what I'm listening to at the minute, I've had both these songs on repeat tonight (separately) They both, strangely, sum up my juxtaposed mood at the minute.

Something a bit lacey.

I've FINALLY got round to trying out these Nail Rock wraps. I've had them for months but it's just one of those things I've been putting off for ages. They are really pretty and amazingly easy to put on, with the help of a hairdryer and a bobby pin! The only downside of these are I can see them peeling a little at some of the edges already, but I type all day in work so it's understandable. Though a mani for me can usualy tough it through a week under the same circumstances. Pretty, no? x

Candy Cane or Spots & Stripes?

Todays nails are a very popular design around the Nail Art world at the moment, they're summery, girly & kitsch. But here's where I get divisive; Are they bows with polka dots & pin stripes? Or little sweets with candy cane stripes & spots? The answer? Well, obviously they can be both. It's all about interpretation, however I have painted my two hands differently to show just how slight the differences can be. Now be honest... would you have noticed the difference if I wasn't highlighting it here? (Above, Left) Left Hand = Candy Cane & Sweet (Below, Below left) Right Hand = Polka Dots & Bow Note the sweet is more rounded than the bow                   Polish Used Barry M Mint Green & Peach Melba Models Own Nail Art Pen Seche Vite

July Favourites

A quick post to show you what I've been loving throughout July! 1: My Bobbi Brown life saving kit, every morning these two little miracle workers cover eye bags, spots and redness around my face. Iv got the corrector in Light Bisque and the concealer duo in Ivory/Pale yellow. Normally concealers dry out on my throughout the day but this is lovely and creamy and stays on all day 2: Toni & Guy heat defence spray. I've loved this for years and it smells gorgeous! Leave my hair lovely and shiny 3: Nuxe dry oil, got a sample of this (and the shimmer one) from Space NK as part of their loyalty scheme. I use this on my face at night after cleansing and it really helps get rid of spots (believe it or not!) and keeps my skin tone even and blemish's at bay 4: High beam and Posie tint, I'm still rating these pretty highly! Love their blendability and staying power, colour, highlighting ability.... need I go on...! 5: Lastly..My Favourite mascara at the moment is back t

Feeling Proud/Coral Crazy

This Saturday was Belfast Pride Festival and it was my first year marching in the full parade which I really enjoyed. Especially as I was representing my work in the parade which was a great opportunity. Here are my Day & Night FOTDs and some dodgy snaps of my nails & outfits (I tried doing proper posey OOTD pics but they looked naff so I scrapped them!) NB:  There is a lot of Coral going on in these looks. I'm Coral Crazy right now, as are most people, but as usual its taken me a while to find the right products and pieces that suit me so if you think I'm late to the party then I probably am but hey, like they say, fashionably late dahhhling ;) Day Face  Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51 MAC Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet And So Easy Urban Decay Get Baked Bronzer Eyes MAC Bright Future MAC Carbon (Using MAC 121SE brush as liner on both lower and upper lids) The Body Shop Big And Curvy Mascara Lips MUA Lipstick Shade 7 (LOVE THIS!!!) Nails Excuse my severely stunted nail