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Not for wearing in bed.

So knitted leggings are a thing now? Not sure how I feel this. Thoughts?

The Dreaded C Word

No not THAT C word! Christmas! Its November 25th and it's 1 month till crimbo! Coincidentally in America it's Black Friday (the uber crazy shopping day after thanksgiving) and the first day I'm allowing myself to get excited about all things Christmas. Now i'm not being all scroogey here. I love Christmas but with selection boxes being stacked in tesco since September & Santa suits being hung beside ghosts in October it just destroys my Christmas happy! Source: Sodahead So I try & ignore the barrage of festive spirit until IT'S ACTUALLY CHRISTMAS! Which is now BTW. Happy Holidays! I still forbid decorations before December though ;) Source: Sodahead

On Display

Why hide your nail polish away in a box, drawer or basket? Oh no, they should be proudly displayed on homemade foam board shelves as you see here. I've had this for a while now and I'm still in love with how pretty it is! Ps I'm writing this on the new Blogger app. It's about fricken time!!!

Death Of The Journalist.

Last night I went to a Scroobius Pip gig with a few friends & had a thoroughly ole fashioned good time. Now for those of you who never heard of him, or his musical partner Dan Le Sac, please don't ask me to describe his music. It's not Rap, it's not Beat Poetry, It's not Hip Hop, It's not Rock, but it's kind of all of them at the same time and much more. Just have a listen and see. The title of this post is a song off the album if that sways you any. So here's my makeup for the evening & the reason for this post. Nothing spectacular but I'm pretty much in love with this lipstick. It is Clinique Colour Surge in shade 12 Flamenco & it's beaut. From what I can gather it not available anymore beyond the likes of ebay. It's semi Matte, long lasting and super red! Love love love gush gush gush. Yeah so anyway heres a few pics from the night & you can see how it (and my sobriety) fairs. looking special with scroob himself

Girl Panic!

I love this film for Duran Duran's new song Girl Panic. The song is meh but the supermodel band concept is fab! It kills me that these women are in their 40s and are still goddesses. The makeup, the clothes, the shoes(!!!), the bodies, there is nothing about these women that I do not envy (except maybe Naomi's dodgy lebon haircut at the end, lol, fair play to her) P.s how much of a babe is Eva Herzigova? And how hilarious is Helena Christensen!

Strange times indeed

This post isn't a beauty post or a fashion one or indeed anything more than a bit of rant. This week myself and my housemates were robbed. Did they get our laptops? No. Did they get our iPads/iPhones? No. So what did they take I hear you ask. Our Internet router & modem. Yup they stole our Internet. WTF?! I personally think that whilst being annoying (we all know how addicted to the net I am) it's actually hilarious. We've no idea how it happened there was no forced entry. No one had guests. Everything was locked up. And nothing else was taken. Unless you count the cables to hook the virgin box up to the tv. But not the virgin box it's self, why that would just be too much for them. So I shall be a wee bit quieter for a while unless I have wireless access (my data allowance conveniently ran out the same day) I leave you with this cake I baked to kill time & a thought that occurred to me whilst raiding my DVD collection Jersey Shore has ruined Clerks (the kevin

Glitter Whore

So I'm a bit of a magpie at the minute. I love anything that sparkles & glitters, hence why a lot of gems & adornments have been tipping my talons recently! But this takes the sparkley cake.  OPI Rainbow Connection Single coat as a base (isnt it pretty just on it's own!?)

Halloween came and went

 I remember posting about Halloween this time last year back when we ran this blog via posterous. Crazy to think its been a year since then and here we still here... well... if you don't count not being on posterous anymore :-/                                          Kitty Cat                                                  Cereal Killer  Tiger I need to stop trying to look serious... i just look huffy! lol I felt so weird wearing false eyelashes. Only my second ever time wearing them, funnily enough the first time being novelty ones last year! No fashion disaster pictures this year, not that I didn't try but the club was just too packed to get any decent snaps. I can show you mine & my housemates though from saturday night.