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Showing posts from April, 2012

Feeling Blingy

So I'm sitting here staring at my Barry M silver foil nails waiting on the AA to come fix my poor wee broken down car and you what I felt the need for some sparkle to cheer me up! So a touch of Revlon Star & a few gems and I'm sufficiently blinged out. Now I wonder where that AA guy is? *waits impatiently*

Bex's first Ombré attempt

So you've seen Michelle do Ombré before but it's something I've never tried and when my bestie, Gayle, asked me to do her nails today I thought I'd give it a go. They're a bit clumsy but we like them! The sponge technique is a bitch to get right as they literally just absorb the polish (who'd have thunk it eh?) but heyho we'll give another go sometime. Maybe next time I'll use more contrasting colours so the fade is more distinctive.

Instagram round-up

Just a load of photos to throw at you tonight! A little round up of bits and pieces from the past week... I didn't get out much as I was working until 9pm every night (sods law on the first week of lovely weather!!!) Edit - I've already deleted some photos from my phone from this week! Pah! You can find both myself and Bex on Instagram @xarawood and @faeribex