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Do unto others as you have done to yourself

I do love getting my manicure on other willing victims. Part of the reason I don't do as much nail art on myself these days is because I much prefer to do it on other people. Last night the lovely Bex from came round for a wee chat and ended up with me doing her nails. I'm really chuffed with them! Got to try out some new designs I've not done before and partake in girly chat! Can't be bad to that on a Thursday. So what do ya's think? Are there any designs you would like to see for the future?

Quick Review: M&S Autograph Ultimate Wear Nail Polish in Purple Rain

Hello all and welcome to part 2 of my M&S purple extravaganza. DESIGN: Bright Purple base with multi-colour Glitter throughout, designed is high gloss, long wearing and chip resistant. Comes with a flat brush meant for easy application.  USE: These polishes are the Ronseal of nail polishes. Only a wee bit* sexier. The glitter is tiny but so packed in. The size & variation in colour sets it apart from anything else I've seen recently. Pictures above are a single coat over a white base.  VERDICT: When you compare it to the likes of the Models Own Mirrorball Collection previews seen over at  Makeup Savvy  its remarkably understated but still so pretty. Once again I received plenty on complements during the week that I was wearing this and once again I'm taking this as a sign that I need to get my arse down to M&S and stock up on more prettiness! *A lot *This Sample was sent for review but all thoughts are my own*

Quick Review: M&S Autograph Lipstick in Mulberry

The lovely girls people over at M&S have been working their magic again and have come up with a few ideas for this Autumns hottest colour: Purple. And with purple being my favourite colour to wear make-up wise I jumped at the chance to sample their wears. The following 2 posts are my view on the subject. DESIGN: Simple, sleek packaging in standard black. The bullet is shaped to provide maximum contact with your lips. Nothing strange or startling from packaging but who wants strange or startling from  lipstick? The little coloured stripe you see on the left is actually a sticker which carries on to the lid so when shopping you'll be instantly able to tell if you're lifting an unused product! (NB: How annoying is it when other shoppers don't use the testers provided? So Annoying!) USE: This is an Ultimate Shine lipstick so as you would expect its quite glossy, but not overly opaque. It takes quite a bit of build up to achieve the colour