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TAG beauty things I suck at!

We were tagged by Bex from to do the beauty things I suck at tag... Et voila! For some reason the embedded video sometimes doesn't show.. It can be found Here  ! If you have done this video (or any other tag) let us know in the comments!!  Michelle x  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Eurovision nail inspiration? Has to be done.

Hi guys! Well it's Eurovision tonight and I'm sure like myself you're all getting settled down to sit and take in the uh... wonders. So to celebrate the occasion and because i'm a little bit bored of looking at my new plain short nails I've done a wee Eurovision inspired mani. Using M&S Autograph Purple & Purple Rain  and Bundle Monster stamping plates I've created a very simple homage to the butterfly logo. what do you think?! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

The one where I did something drastic... To my nails.

 I'm not blessed with naturally strong, easy to grow, non-flakey nails. Never have been and barring some dramatic hormonal change am unlikely to develop them. So it's a challenge to keep them long and nicely shaped. I battle with them splitting and flaking every day and recently it's all just got a bit too much. So I've done something drastic.  I've cut them all off! I'm starting over and for a while I'm going to keep them short in order to (hopefully) build up strength.  Sally Hansen will be keeping me company along the way of course. And I'm looking into supplements to see if there any good (I usually hate supplements but sure we'll give a go eh?)  "I'm actually panicking." "I've just cut all my nails off! Omg!!!" All of these thoughts are swirling through my head right now lol. Wish me luck! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

May Day FOTD

Something I haven't done in a very long time is sit and play with my makeup. If you look through my old Bebo & MySpace albums you'll see an embarrassing amount of "selfies" taken during my university insomniac days! This practice has lessened over the years but hasn't completely gone away. Luckily blogging has given me the excuse to play and label it as a Face Of The Day. So here's how I spent my Bank Holiday Monday. How'd you spend yours? Products Used: Bourgeois Healthy Mix Serum 52 Benefit Fake Up 01 Barry M Dazzle Dust 29 Yellow Gold Barry M Dazzle Dust 75 Lime Inglot Liquid Eyeliner 34 Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner Green Devil Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara Rimmel Apocalips 303 Apocaliptic Follow my blog with Bloglovin