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Getting crafty with KARMA jewellery

This week I was invited to take part in a Jewellery making workshop in The Black Box by the folks at KARMA Jewellery .  If you haven't heard of KARMA they are a Belfast based company who's ethos  of uplifting and inspiring the recipients of their product also comes with the benefits of knowing you are helping the community when you make your purchase. 10% of all their sales goes to helping out local charities,  all of which is detailed on their website. So when you make a purchase it's definitely good for your karma...  Ok punning aside its a pretty great idea, i t's been a few years since I went through my jewellery making phase so I jumped at the chance to join in and learn some new techniques.  We started out with a bit of a "get to know you" session where we each recieved personalised gifts. Massively generous given that they were about to let us loose among their huge bead collection. After

Luxury in Lurgan - the hidden gem that is Glenmore Manor

  What do you say when you get the chance for a sleepover with your FABB friends and the opportunity to relax after a long week in the Jucuzzi? Well you say "Absolutely!" and then pack half the house. Just in case.  That's precisely what I did when myself and a few other Northern Irish FABB g irls, Rosanna of Silver Brogues , Megan-Cáitlín of VENT-Threads , Ruth of Welcome to Willowlane and Carolyn of Forever Scarlet ,  were   offered the opportunity to try out  Glenmore Manor in Lurgan. It's been over a year since our last blog sleepover and it's been a year too long! Now lets be honest with ourselves here you don't instantly think "glamour" when you think of Lurgan but you are instantly put at ease as you arrive. The house, tucked in just off the main road minutes from the train station, is surrounded by huge tree lines making it feel secluded and cosy. The lights emanating from the inside were warm & inviting. We couldn't wa

Halloween spookfest.

Whilst I love Halloween I will admit I'm usually fairly lacidasical in my approach leaving everything to the last minute. This year however, I've been channeling the spirits in my nail work and am loving it. Above are some designs I was testing out (the fingerprint being a personal favourite) and below you'll see some Water tattoos I have purchased and some recent clients. I love these Walking Dead nails. Just the right amount of gory! I definitely craved candy corn after finishing these. I wonder where in Belfast I could get some...