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Feeling Wah

Bit of a spur of the moment post tonight. My bestie popped round for one of our movie & mani' nights and I gave her this WAH inspired look. I'd love to just get up the courage to send them my portfolio and up sticks to London to work in one of their boutiques. But I'd need to paint ALOT of nails to afford London rental prices I think lol. Ah well until then I'll just stick with my amateur homages. Definitely need to perfect my straight lines too!

Houston we have a bandwagon.

Nail Art is officially everywhere! You have your nail gurus like the WAH girls & Sophy Robson, dedicated nail blogs & every brand is releasing the all important Nail Art Pens. I've even grabbed a few in Poundland to try out! Your typical pen comes with a pointed nip, quite small and designed to let the polish flow out like a pen. They also contain a thin striping brush which is how you get those miraculously straight lines and are great for adding detail. Not all pen manufacturers got this memo. You'll see below a box I snapped up whilst standing in a Top Shop queue. I didn't really debate this purchase like I usually do. It was more of a "ooh pretty colours I don't already have!" purchase. Lesson learned. These pens don't come with a striping brush. They come with a really thick brush actually. Thicker than even a normal nail polish! So how are you meant to recreate the designs suggested on the side of the box? Well... With great difficulty

All good shoes come to an end.

On tuesday I went to see the Foo Fighters play at Tennents Vital in Belfast. I had an amazing time at the festival, the Foos being a long time love since I was a teenager and completely obsessed with Dave Grohl's fringe in the Learn To Fly video. It still makes me swoon. Unfortunately my beloved Boots (pictured below with 3/4 leggings... Ugh what was I thinking?) decided to disintegrate during the show and I ended up having to abandon them on the walk home and make my way back shoeless. Cue many giggles and strange looks from passers by. Silver lining to this heartbreaking tale? SHOPPING! I've been searching online for a new pair all day, I'm quite fussy about shoe wear so have been looking at a very specific style. Who knew my bargainous New Look 915 calf-length-block-heel-lace-up boots had become such an expensive trend. Here are a few examples that I'll never be able to afford. The search continues.

Flakie love

I'm a huge fan of flakie polishes. I only have 4 so far consisting of all 3 Inglot flakies & of course Nubar 2010 which is like the holy grail of flakies haha! I try not to wear them too much though because, like glitters, they're a bitch to remove. Today I'm alternating Inglot 202 (orange/green) & 203 (green/blue) on a base of Saffron black. Dark bases are key to showing of the bling of a flakie. Don't you love them?!? I'm literally just sitting here watching Cool Runnings & flexing my fingers to see the colour change. Perfect Saturday to be fair.

It's not just a makeover...

It's an M&S makeover. Sorry, couldn't resist! Tonight myself and a few other #fabb NI beauty bloggers were invited to the opening of Marks & Spencer's new beauty department. M&S are doing a lot of rebranding and updating their merchandising displays around all their stores and the first store to get this in NI is the Whiteabbey store. So we popped down to check out the goodies. And oh what goodies there are. As well as their in store brands, which you know I'm a fan of already, they've also got some exclusive brands like Leighton Denny, Murad, Philip Kingsley & so many others but did I mention Leighton Denny? Eep! No longer do we have to perve over un satisfying pictures on the interweb. You can go test, touch, smell, stroke... Um I mean peruse whatever you want in real life! You've no idea how much it took not spend ridiculous amounts in there. Can't wait till payday! Check out some pictures below for a taste of what they have on offer