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Not Made In Chelsea

Only 1 more day till the end of my Ciaté challenge and I'm not gonna lie I can't wait to give my wee nails a break for a while. Will be showing you guys the last 10 awesome days of the calendar shortly. In the meantime in gonna show you guys my new shoe crush: Chelsea Ankle Boots. They're so pretty! There's a lot of cowboy-ish boots floating about right now and i'm kind of like "eh." but these lovelies are much more my style. Bring on the January sales... if I can wait that long.


So Ive just got an email from a company telling me they had "the perfect gift for him this Christmas!" "Perfect!" I thought. I opened the email excitedly to see what original and quality gift I could get for a loved one this year and it was... ...a razor set. What? I mean, seriously? A razor and some shaving foam is your grand idea? I thought at least it would be something you couldn't pick up with the weekly shopping...but a razor and some foam? Here is my face at exactly that time: So I thought why not do a bit of an alternative Christmas gift guide, You know, to prove I'm not a grinch. How's about a little personalisation? A hoody (for them snuggly winter nights), t shirt, mug, mouse pad, pen, calendar... The list goes on. I myself am on Santas list for a pug hoody. Hell! You could even personalise that razor I'm sure! 50 pairs of socks. Because everyone needs socks. Something you made by hand - this could vary depending on what you

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Week 2

Another week down on the mani challenge and I'm still going strong! Although I did forget to photograph day 12 (Twilight) oops! Just know that it was really cute and worked great as an accent to day 10 (Ladylike Luxe) as did Day 11's Caviar Pearls in Bumble Bee! And although I loved every polish this week if have to say my least favourite would be Day 13 (Glass Slipper). Despite it being insanely pretty it was a bit of a 'mare to remove. Oh well! Bring on week 3!

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar Week 1

I know you've already seen Day 1 but here are the rest of week ones goodies! So far I'm in love with Cupcake Queen, Halo & Caberet. My least favourite is Cutie Pie which despite 3 coats is the sheerest polish I've ever come across!!

Festive Feelings

I must admit, despite my normal Scrooge McScrooge attitude at the mention of christmas in any month other than december, I've been feeling festive a bit earlier this year and did some sneaky nail art experiments using my favourite Christmas polishes. I also played with this Colour Club Enchanted Holiday set I found randomly in TK Maxx about 2 months ago! Amazing. Apologies for the crappy photos but its that time of year where daylight is non exist any and my camera was having a wee funny fit that evening.


So it's officially December and I can finally start preparations and stop hating on those who've been celebrating since September! I can also stop ogling the Ciaté mini mani advent calendar and get stuck in. Day 1 is Cupcake Queen, which I coincidentally already own and happens to be my favourite pink ever! Of course I purchased this in the name of science to show you guys ;) who would I be if I didn't bring the best of the best to your attention. Look out for regular updates on the surprises within, I'm especially looking forward to the super secret exclusive glitters and the caviar pearls.